Dyrhólaey is a small peninsula on the south coast of Iceland near the village of Vik. Named after the massive arch of rock jutting out into the ocean, Dyrhólaey means “door hole”. Large boats are even able to sail through the arch when the water permits.

How do you get there? From our experience, it seems highly unlikely large tour buses are able to trek up the hill to the cliff looking out over the peninsula. The higher sights are more accessible by vehicle. Driving straight from Reykjavik to Dyrhólaey takes about two and a half hours, however, if you’re planning on seeing Dyrhólaey, make it worth your while and also consider stopping at Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss, Reynisdrangar, and Vik. Per usual, whenever driving on your own accord, add 30 – 45 minutes to your agenda for jaw dropping picture opportunities. Google Map it.

Why should you go? The sights on top of the cliff provide views of the black sand beaches to the west and the black lava columns of Reynisdrangar to the east. The wind is an experience in itself. (Note: picture below)

How much time should be spent here? If your plan is to hike or drive up the hill to the cliff, give yourself about 30 minutes to take in the views. The area on top of the hill is fairly small. Consider walking the black sandy beaches but do not enter the water, as the riptides and currents of this area are dangerous.

How much does it cost? It’s free. There are no restrooms, shops, or cafes.

Dyrholaey Cliffs
Dyrholaey Cliffs – South Iceland
Dyrholaey Cliffs
Very windy on the Dyrholaey Cliffs!
Dyrholaey Cliffs
Dyrholaey Cliffs – South Iceland

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