Látrabjarg Cliffs

The Látrabjarg cliffs–a must see when visiting the Westfjords. The cliffs are perfect for hikers, bird watchers, and photographers.

As you get to Látrabjarg, there are some portable toilets before driving up the hill and finding the parking lot. From there, a path with steps take you to the top of the cliffs. The smell of bird crap is pretty strong, but the sights are more than distracting.

We weren’t certain we’d see a puffin, but we saw countless puffins. So fear not, puffin deniers. They are out there, and you’ll find them during your trip here–maybe even a fox or two in the valley below.

The hike along the cliffs seem endless, getting steeper and steeper as you continue on. Compared to Ireland’s famous cliffs, The Cliffs of Moher, the Látrabjarg cliffs are double the size at their highest points, reaching a staggering 441 meters tall (1,447 feet).

We spent a couple hours hiking up, taking pictures along the way, before turning back around and following the same path down. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

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