The day we left for Brighton there were tube and train closures in London, and thousands of people flocking to the seaside town to participate in or witness a marathon of thousands of people. To say our visit was brief and chaotic would be absolutely correct.

Our unfortunate timing need not tarnish Brighton’s image, however. It’s a popular day-trip out of London for good reason–that blue, pulsing expanse being one of them. It’s got a beach, and not necessarily a sandy one, but a beach nonetheless. It’s a hot spot for clubbing (so we hear) with a laid back culture, the kind that leaves room for things like flamboyant Pride festivals. The Brighton Pier offers rides and food kiosks–slightly kitchy but all in good fun–and views of the beach. If the sea is what you need after a few days in the cosmopolitan jungle up north, Brighton may just be your gal.

Our highlights:

  • Walking everywhere, up and down the pier, enjoying the fresh air, and getting away from the city for a day. (It’s only about a mile walk from the train station to the beach.)



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