Shoreditch Neighborhood

The London homecoming was meant for seeing both the old and the new, Shoreditch being the latter–not far from the old stomping grounds, but far enough where it wasn’t something we had visited before. But shit, were we excited to photograph its streets.

Shoreditch sits a 30 minute walk northeast of the City of London. It’s a quirky, anything-goes type of place for the hip, the renegades, the odds and ends. Expressions are abound, in all forms, but especially in street art, which is not void of the occasional anti-Trump sentiment.

Among the free art, bagels, and vintage shops is Boxpark, a smorgasbord eatery serving up different eats within a collection of shipping containers, similar to Avanti in Denver, Co. Or there’s Old Spitalfields Market where a trusted local says has the best fish and chips in town (yeaup, loaded statement). As for the rest, we’ll let the grime and color speak for itself.

Our highlights:

  • Eating bagels at Beigel Bake
  • Eating lunch at BOXPARK
  • Going to Spitalfields Market
  • Walking around Brick Lane and the surrounding area
  • Getting happy hour cocktails at Two One Two across from Beigel Bake on Brick Lane

We ate pulled pork and thai at Boxpark.

Ali preferred this bakery over the Bagel Shop a few doors down.

At Two One Two, a cocktail bar with a great happy hour.

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