Toketee Falls Hike

Along the turquoise North Umpqua river, past the ranches and the occasional road-side inn and cafe, you’ll find it easy to get to Toketee falls. It’s one of Oregon’s finest, even nicknamed after it’s beauty. It’s described as a two-stepped, basalt framed falls that flow consistently year round. But whatever, it’s fucking pretty and there’s no excuse not to go see it. Its a short there-and-back type of trail that’s groomed, well graded, and ready for most hikers.

Chris snuck past a gapping hole in the fence, as many others had, and scrambled his way down in time to get shots poolside before the sun came for us. I think I’ll forever regret not joining him, but the side of the mountain is extremely steep at certain parts and unsafe on your own (one person’s opinion).

If you’re visiting Toketee Falls, we highly recommend stopping at Watson Falls as well, just 3 miles up the road. Go get em, tiger.

Getting To Toketee Falls Trailhead

  • From Portland: 4 hours
  • From Salem: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • From Eugene: 2 hours 20 minutes
  • From Bend: 2 hours

The trailhead is just north (0.2 miles) of N Umpqua Hwy (138/4). If traveling from the west (Portland,Salem,Eugene,Roseburg), you will take a left on Toketee-Rigdon Rd (NF-34). In 0.2 miles, you will see a sign that says Toketee Falls, you take a left here and the paved parking lot will be straight ahead. There is also a bathroom here.

Hiking From the Trailhead to Toketee Falls

It only takes about 15 minutes to hike to the wooden viewing platform, which overlooks Toketee Falls.

About half way up the trail, you will see a small dirt footpath to your left surrounded by a few rocks and boulders. Only about 20 feet down this trail, you will get a great view of the river cutting through the canyon right before the falls. Highly recommended!

Assuming you’ve Googled images of Toketee Falls by now, you’ve seen beautiful photos of the falls from the bottom. There is not an easy trail that takes you to the bottom, and most people will just take in the views from the wooden viewing platform, but if you’re determined to get down there, it’s an option!

From the viewing platform, you will see a hole cut into the fence, this is where you start your descent! I can’t stress enough that you should be very confident in your climbing/hiking abilities here. The beginning part of this descent is close to being straight up & down. There was (at the time of this post) a rope attached to a tree that may help you down. Once you get down this initial (20-30 foot) descent, the trail isn’t nearly as dangerous. Just be careful!

Again, if you’re traveling all the way to Toketee Falls, we’d highly recommend stopping at Watson Falls, just 3 miles up the road.

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