Using Priority Pass to get into the PGA Lounge at MSP Airport

With the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, you get a complimentary Priority Pass membership. With this membership, you can get into the PGA Lounge at the MSP Airport for free.

Priority Pass and it’s access to lounges can change over time, so be sure to check the Priority Pass app to ensure it’s still accessible.

The Lounge

Walking into this lounge is like walking into a clubhouse. The lounge sells golf clubs, golf shoes, and golf clothes. The lounge has a putting green, and even 6 golf simulators so you can get a quick 18 in at Pebble Beach before your flight.

The check-in desk.

The lounge is quite large and sectioned off into two spaces. As you walk up the stairs to check-in, you will find the golf shop, and restaurant-style seating with a full bar to your right.

The bar area to the right of the check-in desk.

To the left of the check-in desk, through the sliding door, you will find the simulators, putting green, another bar, TVs, and more comfortable seating. Food and drinks can be ordered throughout the entire lounge. There are also two private single bathrooms.

The other bar area, behind and to the left of the check-in desk.

I’ve been here a few times now and there has always been plenty of seating.

Getting There

There is a north and south security checkpoint at MSP’s Terminal 1. Use the north security checkpoint. Once through, straight ahead and to the right you will see French Meadow Bakery. Just to the right of this, you will see a staircase with a sign that says “Golf Shop” affixed to the wall. Take these stairs up and through the automatic sliding door. The check-in desk will be right in front of you.

Stairs to the lounge.
The check-in desk.


If you received your Priority Pass Membership through your Chase Sapphire Reserve card, you are generously allowed to bring as many guests as you want into MOST lounges. Some lounges, like this one, state online that guests need to be paid for (an additional $10), no matter what your credit card perks are. But as of the date of this post, my guest gained access for free.

Once checked in, you and your guest/s (whether they have to pay or not) will receive a $15 voucher to be used throughout the space (can be used towards all food and beverage, the golf simulators, and even French Meadow Bakery, just a floor beneath).

Food & Drink

Many Priority Pass lounges offer complimentary beverages and food (with a buffet setup). This particular lounge charges you as if it’s a regular restaurant, but as mentioned above, when you gain access with your Priority Pass membership, you (and your guest/s) will be given a $15 voucher. You can use this voucher for food, beverage, and the golf simulators.

The restaurant itself offers a variety of food & drink from a full menu. I had the chicken sandwich last time I was there, and I’d give it a generous 5 out of 10.

You can also use the voucher for food at French Meadow Bakery, which is separated, but just below the lounge on the main level. This was particularly useful on our last trip when we didn’t have any time to lounge around and order food. Instead, we checked into the lounge, received our $15 vouchers, and walked straight to the bakery, where we stocked up on $30 worth of scones, yogurt parfaits, hummus, and a few beverages.

Other Costs

  • Lounge access, without the Priority Pass
    • 1st guest: $15
    • Additional guests: $10
  • Golf Simulator
    • 30 minutes: $40
    • 60 minutes: $60
  • PGA Golf Instruction
    • 15 minute tune-up: $35
    • 30 minute with tech: $75
  • Driving Range
    • 15 minutes: $20
    • 30 minutes: $25


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