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How to Book Flights with Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

I’ve always recommended the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card as one of the best “travel” credit cards out there, and while it’s still a great card, if you travel more … read more

Transferring my Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to Flying Blue, and saving $2,827

The Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card has been my primary way of booking¬†cheap (or free) flights by using their Ultimate Rewards points through The process for this is very … read more


How I Paid $90 on a Round-trip Flight to Ireland

A couple years ago I started paying attention to credit card commercials that offered “2x points for dining”, “double cash back”, “40,000 bonus miles”, etc. The list went on and … read more

Multnomah Falls

How I Paid $22 on Two Round-trip Flights to Portland

As long as credit cards keep offering up valuable points and benefits, I’m convinced that I’ll never have to pay full price for another flight in my life.¬†The first time … read more

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